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Testosterone is a key sex hormone in males, and plays an important role in the production of sperm, muscle size, bone mass, strength, and libido. It is normal for men to experience a gradual decline in testosterone levels after the age of 30. However, low levels of testosterone may induce mood swings, low sperm counts, erectile dysfunction, loss of strength and breast development.

An at home testosterone test will measure the levels of testosterone in the blood to assess whether these are in line with the normal ranges.

Individual Packages

Testosterone Home Test Kit

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*Full price based on purchasing tests individually. Discount applied for purchasing tests as a package. All our tests have been specially designed to be convenient and non-invasive. Once you’ve booked your appointment, full preparation instructions will be provided in your confirmation email or letter. You can continue to eat and drink normally before your appointment, and you’ll also remain fully clothed throughout.

Individual Packages

Testosterone Home Test Kit

£39.00 Book now

What is a testosterone test?

A testosterone test simply requires a blood sample to measure the level of the hormone in the blood. A testosterone levels check may be needed if you suspect you are experiencing any symptoms of low testosterone.

Our home testosterone test simply involves taking a blood sample and can be done from the comfort of your own home. They are highly convenient as they can be self-administered at home with minimal preparation involved, and results are available within just a few days.

What’s included in a testosterone blood test?

Our home testosterone test kits include:

  • A finger prick kit and vials for blood collection
  • A clear set of instructions
  • A pre-paid, self-adhesive Royal mail tracked service label
  • Results from an accredited lab within 8 days
  • Access to your own MyWellness online account to view your detailed results
  • Access to a 24/7 GP Helpline for a year

How to buy a home testosterone test

You can buy a single testosterone home test kit online here. We provide great value with all our home test kits, with additional extras such as your own MyWellness results portal and 24/7 GP helpline access for a year being included with all our home test kits.

Did you know you could also get a testosterone test as part of our more comprehensive male hormone profile package? It consists of an in-depth, face-to-face health check with a Health Assessment Specialists, which you can easily book online at one of over 2,000 mobile clinics available nationwide. You will receive a wide array of other key health markers and a detailed results report sent through the post.

You can browse our product pages to discover which test, or combination of tests, is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a normal testosterone level?

    The ‘normal’ level of testosterone varies from man to man and between laboratories, However, as a general guideline, a typical NHS laboratory normal range is between 7 and 31 nmol/L. You should seek advice from your GP if your testosterone level falls outside of the normal range.

    It is normal for testosterone level to decline over your lifetime, and results will differ depending on age.

  • What happens when a man’s testosterone is high?

    Elevated testosterone in men is much less common than low levels of testosterone. The most common cause of heightened testosterone levels is the use of anabolic steroids. Athletes and bodybuilders who supplement with testosterone are at a higher risk experiencing symptoms of high testosterone levels such as:

    • Aggressive behaviour
    • Acne
    • Excess body hair
    • Risk-taking behaviour
    • Headaches
    • High libido
    • High blood pressure
    • increased appetite
    • Infertility / low sperm count
    • Difficulties sleeping
    • Mood swings
    • Enlarged prostate
    • Swelling of the legs and feet
    • Unexplained weight gain

    Other causes of high testosterone are much rarer, but may include tumours in the adrenal glands or testicles.

  • What is the best treatment for low testosterone?

    Testosterone therapy can be undertaken in a variety of ways. It is often only administered if patients are both experiencing symptoms and have a low level of testosterone following a blood test. Your GP will be able to discuss the best method for you, which could include the following:

    • Capsule or tablets can be used (either swallowed or attached to the inner cheek / gums).
    • Gels can be applied daily on the upper arms, shoulders or thighs.  
    • Injections can be done every seven to 14 days. However, these can cause spikes in testosterone levels and result in patients experiencing symptoms of high testosterone levels.
  • How do you boost testosterone naturally?

    You can boost your testosterone levels naturally with the following methods, which can aid hormone balance and help you live a healthier lifestyle in general:

    • Start strength training
    • Eat a healthy balance of proteins, carbs and fats
    • Reduce your stress levels
    • Increase your sun exposure
    • Ensure you get plenty of sleep
    • Decrease your alcohol intake

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